Our services range from preparing and coating new parts to restoration and re-work of used parts for both indoor and outdoor use. We can provide you with a sample component at the start of the project, so you can be certain about your colour choice and finish. We also provide a collection and delivery service for all customers including any dismantling and fitting. 


This method of surface preparation is generally described as blast cleaning. Selected abrasive is poured into the blast-cleaning machine prior to being conveyed by compressed air onto the surface being prepared.  


This is our first step in the coating process as it removes any rust or debris on the surface. It will also ensure there is a key for the coating process improving the durability of the final finish.

Powder Coating


Powder Coating is carried out when an attractive and hard wearing finish is required for both indoor and outdoor use. It is applied using an electrostatic process which is applied as a dry powder. It is then cured in an oven which allows it to form a hard durable coating. It can be used on all types of metals including Mild Steel, Aluminium, Galvanised, Copper, Brass, Zintec & Tread Plate.


Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes, meaning it's extremely durable. We provide Powder Coating solutions for a variety of applications with a huge range of polyesters, epoxies, polyurethanes, acrylics, hybrids and primers.

Wet Painting

We provide Wet paint solutions for all applications with a wide range of primers, topcoats and one coat finishes including one-pack, two pack and isocyanate free paints.


This process is generally carried out on parts that are not able to be Powder Coated such as wood and plastic or parts that require an alternative finish. However rest assured our paints offer protection in severe environments we use high performance coatings​ which are surface tolerant to protect against corrosion and harsh conditions.

Vehicle Body Work

We cover all aspects of body repairs from small dents and scratches to full resprays and colour changes.  We cover replacement parts including a stripping and fitting service and insurance work. As a consumer you have the right to choose where your vehicle will be repaired.  


We provide a perfect colour match accomplished by a combination of top quality materials and application of paint and lacquer that will restore your vehicle to its factory finish.